In the past months, a new venue has been opening up to me as a midwife. I am speaking of international births. When I was a midwifery student, one of the desires of my heart was to be a midwife to people in foreign countries. I believe this desire came from my own background, as I was born to missionary parents in a foreign country. I therefore know the desire of some couples to have their babies where they live, and I wished to minister in this way.

In January of 2007, I delivered a baby for a couple who subsequently left to live in Africa. When they left, I offered to come to their home to deliver their next child. They later contacted me and let me know when their next child was expected. I cleared my calendar and prepared to go to their home to be their midwife in their new country. This was the beginning of the dream that I had as a student.

I delivered that child in December of 2008, and since then have been to another country for another birth. It seems that this new area is being opened to me. Two other possibilities are opening up now, and I expect others to appear as time goes on.

I have had some sobering times as an international midwife. Circumstances are usually not the same as they are in my comfort zone of Texas. My faith has to come into play very strongly in some cases. But I am enjoying the traveling and meeting wonderful new people all over the world. I am a very adaptable person. I enjoy learning about new cultures and languages, and love eating different foods. I am hardy and do not have to be "entertained." I do not mind "roughing it" in moderation.

If you have a dream of having your child at home in a country in which midwifery is legal, you may contact me. I have Skype on my computer, so you can search for me under Betsy Robinett, if you would like to visit with me personally about this issue. You can email me by clicking on the button above, as well. We will talk about many things such as supplies and fees and see if this is a possibility for us.

I am beginning to live my dream of ministering to people worldwide, so I look forward to visiting with you about this, and perhaps becoming your international midwife as well!