Dear Betsy,

Thank you very much for all of your kindness and support through this whole pregnancy.  I'm thankful God has blessed your hands to deliver these precious angels into our lives!  I'm glad I had this experience..

-Love, Marlinna


Dear Betsy,

I am so sad to be writing a thank you because it means our time together is at an end.  Rob and I both agree that aside from our decisions to marry and enter the military, having you help with the birth of Anastasia was the best decision we've ever made.  You have truly blessed us and helped to make this time so beautiful for our whole family.  Not only that but you have become someone we all consider a dear friend; you have changed the face of childbirth for us forever.

We will miss you but we wish you and your family all the best.

Thank you again. May God bless you.

-Rob and Renae



Dear Betsy,

I can't believe your trip is over!  Time flies when you're havin' fun - having a baby and getting to know a wonderful person like yourself!  Thank you so much for taking the time to serve us in this special way.  We have no doubt that God wanted you to be here at this time - even though we ended up at the hospital.  I would be way more disappointed and sad about Jude's birth if you weren't here!  I know things would have been so different.  So God has used you big time in our family.  We look forward to being in touch and journeying with you - even at a distance.  We know you are a faithful woman in prayer - thank you for praying for us, Jude and also for Lebanon and Palestinians! 

You have been a wonderful guest and helpful beyond words for our first 2 weeks of parenthood!  You also adapted and adjusted beautiful to Lebanon and the culture.  I do hope that God will bless your ministry of midwifery!  :)  God has given you skill, personality and natural ability to be an excellent midwife and bless many moms, dads and babies!

We love you and you will always hold a special place in our hearts.  You will forever be "our Aunt Betsy!"

Much love,

-Jason, Sarah, and baby Jude



There really aren't words to begin to tell you how special you are to me.  Your love and compassion and understanding of who we are and your sense of humor and your joy at a new life, not to mention your skills as a midwife — all came together in the perfect package of you to make Robyn's birth our best experience yet.  We felt so supported and secure and loved throughout.  Thank you for being there for me, even though it meant being long away from your family and feeling poorly besides.  You are AWESOME and a blessing to me forever.  God bless you! 

— The Gebauer Family


Our lovely lady of joy sleeps beautifully in her little bassinet as a constant reminder of your love and attention — truly, you were present at a miraculous moment for our family — ties that bind forever...

May your heart for "making mommies" always have Christ as its center, and may your love for others always stem first from the "mommy heart" to your lovely family first, so that your joy may truly be full.  We cherish our memory with you...

— The McClungs


Can you believe it's already been a year! Not a day goes by that we aren't amazed with Rebecca! I keep pausing as I write this because my mind is reliving the events of that night one year ago, and reflecting on how Donna and I have grown and changed because of this wonderful little girl that has come into our lives.
     I wanted to also thank you for helping Becca come into the world, your easy manner was exactly what we (I) needed!! I will never forget the life changing moment when I caught her and she took her first breath of air in my hands. That was one of the most powerful moments of my life! She had become such a wonderful little girl she can charm anyone with her sweet smile and bright eyes!

We think of you often...

We love you!
     — Bill, Donna and Rebecca

There is not a time that goes by that when I think back to the birth of my beautiful daughter that I don't thank God above that we found you. Not only did you give my husband the courage to go forward with a homebirth, you gave me quiet encouragement throughout my pregnancy that I could do it and be successful.

Through my long labor, you were supportive and wonderful. When I lost patience with myself, you were there. When it was really rough, you calmed me. You were an angel. I will always have a very special place in my heart for you. My only regret is that I found you when I was expecting my last child. Bless you.
    — Angie Henderson


For anyone considering using a midwife, the personalized care and loving attention Betsy gave to myself and my family far exceeds any care I would have received from any doctor.

Having experienced using a doctor and delivering my first born in a hospital setting I wish I had known about midwifery then. The benefit of having that personal relationship set my mind at ease when the time came to deliver our precious baby boy. Betsy truly has a gift of patience and genuinely cares for each mother and child as if they were her own.

 I can't thank her enough for the advice throughout the pregnancy and her attention to detail. We looked forward to every appointment with
extreme excitement and miss that incredible time in our lives. The delivery of our child while in the care of such a wonderful woman will remain one of our lives' greatest experiences! Thank you Betsy — we miss you and love you dearly.
   — Kristen and Phillip Hubbard

I can't thank you enough for letting God use you to minister to me by being my midwife.  You've been more than a caregiver — -- you've been an encourager, friend and sister in Christ.  I prayed the moment I knew I was pregnant and God said, "I have a beautiful Christian midwife for you."  You are that person and I feel blessed to have met you. 

  — Jeromie and Anne Marie Sheldon



Thank you for the great blessing you've been to our family.  I would've hated to go through it all without you!  I thank God for His grace, giving us all wisdom and strength.  he is so good to us!  May you be blessed —

—Rachael Gwassa




I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your "midwife" experience!!  The birth of Elia was so wonderful and blessed.

  Love and thanks,

   — Becca












Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did as our midwife.  We are so appreciative for your care and friendship over the past 10 months...The Lord bless your and your family greatly!

— The Chapmans: Scott, Meghann, Olivia, Cora, and Marianne!